Any dieter’s will at one time be left agape in front of his closet not sure of what to wear.One wonders how to lose weight and dress in style. Funny enough the clothes that used to fit him some weeks ago no longer fit as they hang lose on him. To some it’s a happy dilemma as he is losing weight just what he wanted but he knows his goal is still some pounds away therefore time to invest in a new wardrobe hasn’t come.

Clothes to a big extent will not only make you bur also influence how you feel. They are a barometer of how we feel hence we need to dress to look at our best.


1.Dressing for now: One should gather the outfits for his current size and not of the ultimate size or the size he intends to attain. Put together the ones that will make you look good and confident in your body size.

2.Splurge on accessories: Accessories will jazz up your outfit creating a whole new look even when you don’t spend much. Things like handbags and jewelry will go with any clothing size and body size. However inner outfits should be the right size to be supportive i.e. bras.

3.Shrinking clothes are investment venture you should give a try. Buy clothes that can shrink as you get smaller especially clothes whose material can stretch.

4.You also need to get a good tailor as with his help you can be able to fit into your old clothing as they can adjust the down at a low cost compared to you purchasing a new one.

One needs to know that his fashion does not need to change just because he is losing weight. Have some real fun in the process and you will hit your target.

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