Citizens of Leicestershire can bring their household waste and recyclables to one of 14 different facilities. You can find a location nearest to you by visiting Leicester City Council  and entering a postcode, location, or organization. You can also see a list of items you may recycle at each facility. Most locations do not accept asbestos, business waste, chemicals, paint, or tires . Most items are free to recycle, though some nonhousehold waste requires a fee.

Using Your Local Waste Site

Research and understand rules and regulations before visiting a waste site. Be aware of your site’s hours of operations and bring an acceptable form of payment for chargeable items. Remember, you may never use a site to dispose of business waste. Likewise, large goods carrying vehicles and trailers of certain sizes require permits.

When using a waste site, you must always separate and prepare your waste properly. All information can be found on the Leicester Town Council website. If you are unsure of where to dispose of a material, seek the guidance of a waste site staff member. Staff may help you to better understand a site’s rules, but may not unload or help you in the physical disposal of your waste.

More on waste disposal sites in Leicestershire.

Using a Waste Disposal Company

Waste disposal companies in Leicestershire offer alternative waste management options for household and business waste and recycling. Companies offer services such as curbside recycling, wheeled bin collection, and bag collection. Collections vary by company, but offerings include daily, weekly, and biweekly collections. Companies such as Map Waste and Business Waste offer low-cost waste removal and recycling options for businesses in Leicestershire. For more answers regarding bin collection, residents should contact their district council.

Bulky and Garden Waste

Certain garden and bulky waste removal privileges are available to citizens of Leicester. For example, citizens can schedule a free pickup up of up to five bulk waste items in any two month period. Additionally, you can schedule the removal of up to 15 garden waste items for free every two months.

For residents outside of the city, district councils can provide answers to bulky and garden waste removal. Outside of the city, bulky and garden waste removal is often available for a fee.

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