So a special someone has a big day coming up to celebrate. No matter whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, the pressure is on to come up with the perfect gift idea. It’s tough and each year it seems to get harder. No one wants to be boring and unoriginal, but after a while all the good ideas seems to have been used up already.

Forget the material and think about giving the gift of an experience instead. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. There are all kinds of fun things that most people have never had the chance to do, like helicopter flights for example.

It’s a very different form of flying. A helicopter is much more versatile and manoeuvrable than a conventional plane. It’s a much more intimate experience with the added bonus that they can touch down almost anywhere. Why not arrive somewhere in real style, like a country house hotel for dinner, and then fly back?

Helicopter rides open up a whole new world of experiences. It’s a truly original gift that will knock someone off their feet. It’s a chance to see the world from a very different viewpoint and visit somewhere special. Anyone stuck for gift ideas should definitely look into a pleasure flight.

So be original this year and come up with a fantastic way to mark a special occasion. This is one gift that people will never forget. Their own helicopter for a couple of hours. A truly magical way to spend the day.

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