The security of public buildings cannot be taken for granted. Unwanted Intruders have become more sophisticated in their methods, whilst, in the last decade or so, terrorism has become a cause for concern. Add to this the growing threats from climate change, such as flooding, and it is clear that building managers have their hands full. These managers frequently turn to integrated security solutions for assistance.

Integrated security solutions are all about comprehensiveness. No single aspect of security is over-emphasized at the expense of another. Rather, all security techniques work together to increase the confidence levels of both building managers and residents.

One example of integrated security solutions at work is the handling of building access. An access control system, usually involving personnel swiping ID cards, will be at the heart of the operation. These cards will have electronic chips embedded in them enabling full, database driven digital records to be maintained. Electronic access control will be supported, in turn, by the essential human element: security guards maintaining a careful watch over proceedings and handling exceptional circumstances, such as people who have forgotten their ID cards or those with temporary ID cards.

Meanwhile, sensitive parts of the building, possibly including the reception area, can be monitored by CCTV cameras, which help maintain security primarily through acting as a deterrent, but also by helping to detect irregularities and unusual behaviour.

In conclusion, integrated security solutions are increasingly being used to keep buildings, the people who work in them and their assets safe and secure.

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