There’s no disputing that direct mail campaigns can be profoundly efficient, even when compared to other forms of marketing like digital marketing. However, as a smaller business you might assume that the logistics involved outweigh the potential benefits. This is not necessarily the case.

The dichotomy between the internet and direct mail is essentially a false one. In reality the internet has improved the capacity for direct and international mail hugely. Specifically, it is now easier than ever to outsource to a direct mail campaign to a direct mail company.

Basically, these are companies that offer everything from printing to fulfilment, plus everything in between. They will also be able to handle returns. As a smaller business all you need to do is to supply the artwork for your poster, flyer or leaflet and the direct mail company will handle the rest.

Perhaps you want to split the responsibility. For instance, you may be happy printing your direct mail materials but don’t feel capable when it comes to fulfilment. Many direct mail companies will accommodate the specific needs of their customers.

Is direct mail still effective? It all depends on the nature of your business and your target demographic, but we can definitely say that physical mail can still form a very important part of your marketing strategy. And, despite the increased logistical impetus, it can be a great way to market even smaller businesses.

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