It is fair to say that not all handbags are able to offer supreme levels of quality and style. Based in the Netherlands, Bulaggi are one company that has become renowned the world over for creating handbags of outstanding quality and incomparable style. Their handbag collection includes shoulder bags, grab bags, shoppers, and satchels so consumers can rest assured there are bags available to suit any occasion or outfit, regardless of whether they are attending a formal event or simply heading out to the shops.

In essence, Bulaggi’s collection is inspired by three key themes: ‘Base’, ‘Warmth’ and ‘Coldness’.


‘Base’ is all about natural shades, soft materials with subdued lines, and patterns inspired by nature, including elephant, fur, snake and crocodile look.


‘Warmth’ embodies decadence and passion by making the most of fiery shades of red, orange and yellow, as well as embracing lavish fabrics and shiny gold buckles.


‘Coldness’ mixes dark colours and materials with graphic prints, metallics, and silver or gunmetal fittings to create a cool, mysterious and smooth crushed patent leather look.

All Bulaggi bags are made from luxurious materials and extra special attention is paid to the quality and detail of each and every one of them. Moreover, many of them come complete with special features, such as a pretty bow, a stylish clasp, an elegant tassel, contrasting trimming or charming buckles.

Without doubt, Bulaggi’s collection of truly beautiful bags delivers unrivalled quality and effortless style in equal measure.