The kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in the home, especially if you cook. It’s a unique space, and when you think about it it’s probably the room that houses the most technology. There are a lot of electrical items, and other tools, in a kitchen that are designed to make life easier.

In recent years, there is something of a fashion for inventive kitchen devices. Some of these are very useful, whilst others might be just a little absurd.

Potato Ricers

Good Grips Potato ricers are a very good addition to any kitchen. They are now widely used by chefs, and they are the best tool to use to create a lump-less mash. You simply put your potatoes through the ricer and it “rices” them, i.e. Turns them into little bits that can be very easily mashed.

Tools for Salads

Salads are very simple things, right? Well actually there are plenty of tools that are designed for salads. An Oxo salad spinner is a little machine that essentially tosses your salad for you. Salad dressing mixers can help make you perfect, delicious dressing with minimal effort.

Less Useful Inventions

Some devices have some use, but they’re just a little extraneous. What about onion goggles, OK they sound genius but would you really pay for them? What about a single egg cooker? Wouldn’t a pan of water suffice?