The threat of repossession is not something anyone wants to experience. When people buy properties, they often do so with greater stability in mind. Owning their own place is supposed to make them feel more secure and it can be a great long-term investment.

So, when creditors begin aggressively pursuing outstanding repayments and threaten them with eviction, they often feel a sense of helplessness and devastation. The worst thing is, because of the current housing market conditions, they can be powerless to sell their abodes on the open market.

They might not be able to attract the right buyers, meaning they can’t use this tactic to settle their debts and move on.

However, thankfully there is another option. Rather than trying to market their properties in the conventional way, which can take far too long, they can instead turn to specialist property buying firms. This way, they can complete deals within a matter of days if necessary and get between 60 and 75 per cent of the market value of their houses or flats.

This can be the ideal solution for those feeling the financial pressure and it can help them avoid to repossession.Although in an ideal world, consumers would be able to afford their mortgage repayments and none of this would be necessary, the fact is current economic conditions are far from perfect. Many individuals are functioning on reduced incomes and it can be impossible for them to maintain their current setups. By being pragmatic and taking advantage of these selling opportunities, they should at least be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.