When you think about it, you probably spend a relatively large amount of time in the bathroom. You could easily say that it’s the only room that really has to be there, and it’s function is central to comfortable living. Beyond the obvious, bathrooms are much more than functional spaces, and can also be liveable, aesthetic spaces too.

One of reasons why bathrooms can be challenging to decorate is that they are often smaller spaces. This means there is less room to play with, in style terms. However, the smaller size of bathrooms means that one or two additions can make a real difference to the way a bathroom looks and feels.

You might consider curtains or window blinds. Why do these work in bathroom spaces? Well on the one hand they work from a purely aesthetic point of view. Quality wooden blinds can add a dimension of modernity or contemporary style, as well retaining the element of naturalness.

In smaller spaces, light is extremely important. The free-flow of light is a key way that rooms can look bigger, and when a well lit room also has lots of mirrored surfaces this can expand the space, making it more comfortable and aesthetic.

Similarly, bright colours are well-used in bathrooms, and they can really open up spaces. And even, perhaps a little counter-intuitively, a few choice items can make more of the space, such as a few ornaments or even smaller pieces of art.