Skin is the outermost part of the body. It is responsible of providing cover to other parts of the body. It guards against effects of climatic change and allows for gaseous exchange hence it is an important part of human body. Skin because of its exposure, is vulnerable to environment changes hence it ages, wears and wrinkles against every ones wish to have a skin which portrays youthfulness. Chocolate contains cocoa butter which is naturally softens the skin and is a skin conditioner hence people are retreating their skin with chocolate to make them look young. Do you want to retreat your skin with chocolate? Here are the types of chocolate for use and how they are applied.

Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate is a chocolate that contains more than 50 percent cocoa. This type of chocolate is more effective than other types of chocolates. It is applied on the skin by smearing on the face while it is cool but before it hardens. After smearing on the face it is left until it hardens by relaxing and waiting for it to harden ,after which it is wash or chipped off with a mild cleanser and warm water then lotion is applied.

Dark chocolate contain antioxidants which protects the skin from damage and makes the skin healthy and glowing. Also it shields the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun when you are exposed too much to the sun. Apart from the skin dark chocolate improves the health of other body parts such as the hair by aiding circulation of blood in the scalp leading to increased growth and reduced hair loss .Dark chocolate also helps the body in protection against aging and stroke.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate contains between 30 to 40 percent cocoa butters .Milk chocolate helps the skin to retain moisture making it moisturized and free from cracks. It is applied on the skin by smearing after mixing it with honey then left to harden, after it has harden it is removed with a mild cleanser and warm water and then lotion is applied. Milk chocolate can also be taken through the mouth by zipping it and it stills performs its functions well.

White chocolate

White chocolate contain the least content of cocoa butter of the three types of chocolate and normally it is only cocoa butter mixed with sugar. However White Chocolate contains antioxidant which fights and guards the skin against free radicals, damage from the sun and environmental pollutants hence it is also important to the skin.

It is evident that chocolate helps in growth of health and vibrant body parts such as the skin and hair and that there are three types of chocolate which vary in its cocoa butter. The application of chocolate on the skin is simple but when the skin is extremely affected by sun buns or other climatic effects it is important to be treated by experts. Experts are only found in hospitals .if you are in Europe you should have European health card so as to have access health centre for treatment.