It’s incredibly difficult for a business to survive in today’s marketplace. While it’s important for a business to be based in an office space, high rents and long lease periods can put some new offices out of the reach of many businesses. If a business is struggling financially, serviced offices may be the solution they are looking for.

The current economic situation is making it increasingly hard for businesses to secure loans for expansion. Many start-ups are also struggling to raise the capital needed to get off the ground. A huge number of businesses in these situations could benefit from leasing serviced office space. Serviced offices offer businesses they office space they desperately need; often along with the use of a shared receptionist, conference facilities, Internet and telephony; without tying them into long lease periods.

Serviced offices to rent benefit both large and small businesses equally. Larger businesses that are struggling financially could benefit from the shorter leased term offered by serviced office space. This could reduce occupancy costs considerably, allowing the company to get back on its feet over time. By renting serviced office space, smaller businesses and start-ups will have the opportunity to realise their full potential while only dedicating the minimum amount of initial capital on a shorter lease.

Serviced offices spaces are a convenient, catch-all workplace solution for smaller businesses, and allowing larger businesses a safe environment to work through the economic crisis.