Shaggy rugs, which were quite popular in the 1960 and the early 1970s, have apparently made a comeback of sorts on the home décor scene of the new century, thanks largely to the numerous advantages they bring along as a chic, easy-to-manage type of carpeting. Shaggy rugs – whether they are Sheepskin rugs or Frith rugs – are generally created in a particular ‘deep pile’ style, and their strands are comparatively longer than those of the conventional carpets. There unique style of construction lends the shaggy rugs a grass-like appearance, which is interestingly different from what a traditional carpet looks like. Some of the key reasons why shaggy rugs have been in demand over the years include the following:

Shaggy rugs go with different home décor styles: Shaggy rugs perfectly complement different styles of home decoration, and look attractive in almost all areas in the house, be it the living room, the hallway, or the bedroom. The fascination of Sheepskin rugs and Frith rugs is catching on in recent times because they offer a ‘difficult to beat’ feeling to the feet, no matter where these rugs have been spread out in the house. Though the charm of the old school 1960s shaggy rugs is still retained in the modernized versions of these rugs, the present-day incarnation of shaggy rugs is definitely much better than their counterparts of the past. Different carpet manufacturers sell a variety of shaggy rugs, like Sheepskin rugs and Frith rugs; with the cost of these shaggy rugs mostly being at par with the traditional rugs and carpets.

Shaggy rugs add luxury to home interiors: Shaggy rugs make a distinct addition to the style as well as luxury of any home interior design – retro or contemporary – giving it a plush look. Moreover, these rugs also create special warmth in any room of the house; with the texture of the rugs softening the look of floors made of tiles, stone or hardwood. In fact, shaggy rugs, such as Sheepskin rugs and Frith rugs, not only unfold an excellent way to express a person’s individual style, but are also a practical carpeting option for any house.

Shaggy rugs are easy to clean: While cleaning traditional carpets can
be quite an effort, shaggy rugs are fairly easy to clean and maintain. Most of the times, shaggy rugs can be cleaned by simply shaking off the excess dirt which they may have accumulated because of day-to-day use. However, if Sheepskin rugs or Frith rugs require deeper cleaning of the inside of the tufts, these rugs can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner, and can also be sent for dry-cleaning if they are hard-to-remove stains on them. The most remarkable thing about the cleaning of shaggy rugs is that most of these rugs are made of wool yarn, which is a natural dust repellent. Actually, dirt and dust can also be effectively repelled by those shaggy rugs which are acrylic and acrylic-rayon blended rugs.

The fact that shaggy rugs are comfortable underfoot, and sound-absorbent due to their thickness, almost all home décor styles find these rugs to be functional and beneficial in innumerable ways!