The new research says walking 10k steps does not matter much unless you are running. That actually means that you can workout for less time than the actual 10k steps and miraculously be benefitted from that!

Here is how

Working out less would be fine but that less workout should be intense, run instead of walking and burn more calories than usual. According to the study, the actual number of steps does not matter. You can work harder for a shorter period of time and essentially achieve the same results. It is best not to be sedentary at all, but for most of us, that’s unrealistic.

The generally accepted weekly exercise target for adults is 150 minutes of activity at a moderate-intensity level. To reach that level, walk at a rate of 100 steps or more per minute for more than 10 minutes at once. Even if you don’t quite reach that cadence, walking fast is more beneficial to your health than walking slow. The study showed a strong relationship between higher cadence — walking more briskly as opposed to less briskly —  and favorable numbers in the cardio-metabolic risk categories.

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3 Ways to Make Your Steps More Intense

  1. Walk faster. Simple. Just pick up the pace a bit. Walking briskly for a mile takes about 15 minutes, which would come out to about 100 steps per minute, as the study suggests. Target that. Even if you do not quite get there, as long as you’re walking faster than usual, you’re doing great.
  2. Take the stairs.If one or two flights is no problem, try three or four. If you don’t encounter many stairs in your daily routine, walk a hill.
  3. Lunge. Only have time for a couple laps on the track at the gym today? Lunge your way around. Added bonus: it will change up your body’s expectations and could burn more calories than your normal routine.

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