You may be wondering, why should I use Xenophontos Associates, a company based in Cyprus? How can it benefit me and my company?

One of the main reasons many companies and individuals choose to do business in Cyprus is that it has one of the most favourable tax systems in the European Union which follows the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) model.  EU directives are also in place in direct alignment with EU policies, protecting customers and companies.

Cyprus is in a very good location, nestled in the eastern Mediterraen sea, it is the natural meeting place of 3 huge continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, making it the perfect place for doing business. Blessed with a wealth of professional, multilingual people, who are highly experienced in legal, financial and other services, doing business in Cyprus has never been so attractive.

Cyprus accountants Xenophontos, offers a huge range of services, from taxation to auditing, accountancy to payroll, so whatever the needs of your business, Xenophontos will be able to assist. With Cyprus having the lowest standard of VAT in the EU, the company will ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed promptly to avoid penalties. If you’re planning to do business outside of Cyprus but within the EU, Xenophontos will be able to advise every step of the way on VAT laws of other countries and worldwide.

There are many advantages to having a business in Cyprus, especially if you are looking to trade internationally. With lower tax and VAT rates, as well as sunshine most of the year, what is there not to like!

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