Due to equipment having evolved considerably over the years, wide format printing is not as demanding as other more traditional processes; however, things seem to be getting tougher, even for the digital printing world.

Wide format inkjet digital printing

Wide format inkjet digital printing is a maturing industry and in 2013, digital printers in London will require productive equipment. Also, if they are to be successful, these companies will have to keep productivity paramount and have staff on hand to operate the equipment efficiently.

What might be the largest threat to printers in 2013?

Some of the smaller companies which only have the basic equipment, particularly in relation to wide format, may find it hard to compete with the larger companies.

In the past, many shops on the high street had a print shop and usually offered printed services such as the production of invitations and business cards. Today, thanks to the new digital technology and specialist printing companies, the number of these services is declining. Smaller print shops will find it harder to survive, while specialists will flourish.


The largest opportunity for printers in 2013

Those offering printing services in London will come to realise that they will have to offer customers much more. Today, customers want much more than just a simple print. They expect to be able to choose from a wide range products and services. These products and services may include posters, brochures of odd sizes and a range of printing services.


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