We all dream of White Christmases. Whilst they are few and far between the wonder of a White Christmas is one that delights children and adults alike and can turn an ordinary Christmas into something far more magical.Or at least that’s what we imagine. Having watched so many films where streetlights erupt out of perfectly white streets like candles from a living, breathing Christmas cake, we are often surprised when the British reality is somewhat different. Instead of beautiful white drifts of snow covering the countryside, what we tend to get instead is a huge amount of slush. And with chaos on the roads, snow often just adds misery to the Christmas period.

Yet, White Christmases should be far more fun. And they can be. You may just have to head away to enjoy them.

Heading away on a festive ski holiday, whether for Christmas itself or just over the festive season, will allow you to enjoy truly beautiful snowfall in a location where things really will be all the more beautiful for it. Furthermore, since such areas of the world will be equipped to deal with heavy snowfall, transport will not be a problem and whilst you can enjoy a festive season curled up in a chalet in front of the fire looking out at the beautiful snowfall, ski holidays offer you lots more choice and once Christmas day is over, boredom won’t set in, but instead you will just have the opportunity for a huge amount of fun, and festive parties every night to boot should you so want them.

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