Being a driving instructor is undeniably a great job. There will always be a demand for driving instructors and if you’re independent you can essentially work your own hours. It can also be a very rewarding career and you’ll be helping people learn to drive, thereby improving their quality of life.

When you think about it a driving instructor is a very particular kind of driver. When they are on the job they will typically be driving duel control vehicles, which allows them to take control of the car when they are teaching. Obviously, they will also be driving with novices, people who have never driven before or who have minimal driving experience.

All drivers need to be insured and this includes instructors. Whilst you might be a great driver yourself, hence why you’re an instructor, the factors mentioned above mean that you need a special kind of driving school insurance or instructor insurance.

Remember, as an instructor you’re likely to be on the road more often than other drivers, often not in control of the vehicle, or at least overseeing someone who is. It is common then for instructors to go for a top level of instructor insurance which means they are fully-comp, i.e. prepared for any and every eventuality.

Your needs, like any driver’s, might be very specific. This is why it’s a good idea to look online for companies who are able to tailor their quotes.

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