Those suffering from weakened / tired core or abdominal muscles may fall victim to injuries because of lack of protective support to their lower back. It is the back support belts; known as back braces that act as external supportive muscles, if worn in correct manners. However, their prolonged use may be avoided and regular exercises and safe lifting techniques may be adopted instead to manage back pain and prevent back injuries.

Available in different materials and designs from the Bad Back Company and others; these belts may be chosen with extra care as per the specific needs of the sufferers. Focus may be emphasized on the following points:

a. Colors – It is recommended to choose dark colored back belts if the same are to be used in dirty work environments. You can protect your skin from any ill effects by using easily washable belts that suit heavy moisture and are equipped with anti-bacterial features. Wearing these belts directly against your skin may result in itchiness. As such you must look for the safety features like non-conductive stays when you purchase these belts.

b. Purpose of wearing – Many people may buy back belts for stability while few may give preference to warmth or compression. Likewise focus of many wearers may be emphasized on comfort or flexibility. Few people may use these belts that are less flexible. It is the specific requirement of the persons that choose the right belt.

c. Posture–It is suggested to prefer the support that is equipped with more than a single fastening if they need increased compression. Better try the back belts that are helpful in improving your posture, i.e. the postural neck, upper back or the shoulder. An improved posture is helpful in reducing fatigue and muscle stress.

Joint wears, crumbling disc injury, arthritis and degenerative disc disease may lead to chronic back and joint pain. These may respond variably to the level of activities that are since undertaken. As such back support must be purchased by keeping this specific issue in mind. These supports in fact act as strong back and abdominal muscles and are helpful in reducing the physical strain on the back. Supports with head pads contained within the support itself reflecting back the body’s own heat are useful for the people that suffer from arthritis. Good relief is possible with such belts.

d. Waist size – It is wise to measure the size of your waist when you buy back belts from the Bad Back Company or any other concern. Pregnant women may suffer from strain and stress over their lower back and pelvis etc. during the later stages of pregnancy. As such quality maternity back support, specifically designed for helping support, stabilizing the lower back and offering adjustable support for the abdomen must be purchased. Belts with specially designed features including the angle of the supportive straps, maximum support and comfort should be worn.

Back supports facilitating the sufferers to remain at work and reducing or preventing stirring up or preventing the old injuries can be purchased by following the above simple tips.

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