There are many factors that come into play when you are thinking about choosing the best kind of dinnerware sets for your household. When it comes to personal preference, I have thought about everything ranging from the cost of it, to the design, and then of course, about the durability as well. Though a perpetual lover of fine porcelain or fine china — it is still undeniable that it is extremely difficult to take care of it and it is not something that you can use for every occasion. For someone who is possessive about everything in the household that has been curated by me personally — even something that may be inconsequential to others like spice boxes — for me, they have too much sentimental value.

Without getting ahead of myself in explaining why Corelle has been the best fit in my household — let me tell you about some of the personal reasons why it has been such a good fit. Imagine owning an expensive set of one of a kind, china. You’re hosting a dinner party at home and someone ends up breaking or chipping a plate — no matter how much you try to not be upset over it — it is virtually close to being impossible not to. With everything in your house being curated carefully — breaking or chipping your beloved dinner set can be oh so upsetting!

Coming to the issue from the price-point perspective — it really is quite frustrating when your china breaks or dents — you have spent quite a considerable amount in buying it — so seeing it being chipped so flippantly can be off-putting. Corelle hence has such a big advantage here. One of the best things about sere wares form Corelle is the fact that they are chipping resistant and virtually shatterproof. Having said that, however, if someone drops a Corelle plate too hard it will end up breaking well it is not indestructible after all — Vitrelle, after all, is a glass product and not a metal one. Still, dinnerware and serve ware are much more durable as compared to china products and what’s better still is that they still look as good.

Now coming to the look and design aspect — in my experience Corelle looks like a premium grade product even if you are not paying premium prices. The designs and yes there are multitudes of them do not look cheap or tacky and in fact, for someone as myself who loves floral blooms and vintage patterns on their crockery — Corelle is such a wonderful fit, if you look into their Corningware range in particular. As for instances when there have been mishaps and accidental shattering of plates and bowls (which is possible ever so often, in a household with children) I’ve had, had to make one small trip to the market and bought a replacement without having to bat an eyelid and thinking twice — that’s the beauty of buying bargain dinnerware as compared to expensive bone china.

Now having said all this — what is the last factor that I have had to consider in proclaiming that Corelle has been one of the best decisions when it comes to choosing the right kind of dinnerware in my house — well it has definitely been the fact that it is microwave safe and dishwasher friendly. For a working woman who also loves to host — coming back to the mountain of dishes, post a party is a nightmare when it comes to fine china. Having suffered at the hands of an adventurous night when I was too hammered to care about putting the china dishes in a dishwasher or not — I was in for a really rude awakening with chipping galore. Oh yes! My heart broke when I saw the stray chips here and there but I had definitely invited this upon myself and that is when the full and final transition to Corelle really happened.

Talking about why I choose Corelle is thus important keeping in mind that a lot of women out there might be facing the same conundrum of figuring out what kind of dinnerware suits the needs of their households best — Corelle is definitely on top of the lists ladies, pay attention!

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