It is almost inevitable that at some stage your outdoor drains will become blocked. Taking into account that drains can be filled with leaf detritus and that the Great British weather is particularly tempestuous these days, there is an ongoing risk that any outdoor drainage system might encounter problems.

The simplest thing that you can do is to call a professional, for instance if you’re in London call a drain jetting London company. High pressure jetting is one of the most effective and cleanest ways to unblock drains, and uses jets of water to quickly and effectively remove blockages like leaf blockages.

Whilst jets of water are a relatively recent innovation, a more traditional method for removing leaf material, and other material that might block a drain, is to use something called a plumbers snake. These are designed to unblock drains and are used by many plumbers. You can also get them from some DIY stores.

Then there’s the chemical option. This is effective when we’re talking about indoor drains, i.e. in your kitchen or bathroom. Many chemical products are great at dissolving things like fats, a common cause of blockages. However, when we’re discussing outdoor drainage systems the most effective option is one of the cleanest – water jet power.

In some instances you can attempt to unblock a drain yourself, however often you’ll require professional assistance.

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