Security trumps convenience and whilst you want your premises to have maximum security this may sometimes be an inconvenience to your employees. Procedure and protocol is at the heart of adequate security but this can sometimes have a negative impact on how your workers do their jobs.

Convenience and security are by no means mutually exclusive and in some instances security can be improved simultaneous to it becoming more convenient for staff. A simple example of this is the use of staff lanyards.

One reason why ID badge lanyards are very effective is because they allow security badges to be displayed at all times. This is useful if staff need to be recognised instantly. One example of this might be museum professionals, where members of staff might need to be recognised quickly by members of the public.

When an ID lanyard is around the neck this means that the employee has their hands free to get on with their jobs. This is useful where employees need to be recognised quickly but still need their hands for manual tasks.

Whilst the main use of lanyards is for convenient security there are other advantages too. The use of lanyards can work as a very low key form of marketing, especially when we’re talking about printed lanyards and lanyards with attractive, bright colours.

Laynards might be a simple thing; however it’s often the small things that make a big difference, whether it’s in terms of security, convenience or even marketing.

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