Flowers bring beauty! It enlightens your entire day with its freshness and beautiful colors. However, when the point comes to take care of them, most of them fail. I understand that are few things that just a flower vendor knows in terms of caring.  Fortunately, one of the florist has helped me with his best caring tips. Few tips that will extend the life of your flowers and with these tips you can keep them new and beautiful for another week –

  • Keep The Flowers Fresh – Mist Them With Spray Of Water : You would have noticed that the flower shops lightly spray their lovely bouquets every now and then?  They spray water to generate mist in flower petals. This is because the stems aren’t the only place blossoms can draw their water. Sprinkle water every now and then and keep them fresh.
  • Use Hairspray & Enjoy The Colorful Flowers For Longer Time : To your surprise, one of the London florists says that hairspray plays an essential role in preventing flowers from not fading away. Just give a light spritz on the petals and they will surely maintain their colors for longer time.
  • Flower Packets? Great! Wait… They Are Not The Only Option : I agree that the packets are wonderful for preserving flowers, but there are some other different subtle things to try. You can undoubtedly mimic the flower packets with help of few drops of water and a headache medicine i.e. aspirin and a drip of vodka to slow down the wilting. Well you can even use bleach to sterilize the vase and then add little bit of sugar to the water along with a copper penny. The sweet thing will provide supplements while the change goes about as an antibacterial agent.
  • Say No To Scissors : Make sure you never use scissors to cut the flowers. So wondering what the right tool is? Well instead of a scissor you need to use a non-serrated knife to cut an inch of the bottom of the stems. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle in a small bowl of water. This deed will help prevent air consumption by the stem and ultimately will absorb more water.
  • Don’t Allow The Flowers To Fade On Window Panes : I totally agree that window panes display is enhanced with flowers on them, yet the other side of coin says that flowers fade out easily here due to sunshine. So make sure you place your flowers in a cool place and far away from rays of sun, so that they can stay fresh for long time.
  • Change The Vase As You Trim Down The Stems : As soon as you change the vase just to suit the size of your blooms, make sure that the vase is clean enough. You can ask your florist if there are vases that will look pretty with your selected flowers, I am sure they will be happy to provide you the vases you desire. They even recycle the flower vases.
  • Order On Monday : Monday brings Monday blues, but do you know Monday is a perfect day to order your flowers requirement online? The reason is on this day when florist restocks and there are complete chances that you will find freshest flowers for your occasion.

You can thank me later, for such wonderful tips. For now take care of your lovely flowers and enjoy the beauty.

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