Shoes are one of the most essential and distinct parts of the wardrobe of a man or a woman. Both men and women are fond of having a closet that is filled with different varieties of shoes. One of the most wonderful and stunning varieties among shoes adorning the feet of men and women alike are the ankle boots. These are generally used during the winters and can easily be flaunted with different outfits. These boots are especially popular among women and there are a lot of women who try having at least one pair of these boots in their closet. Ankle boots at Spartoo help in keeping the feet warm. One of the best things is that they are available in different varieties to be worn with different outfits.

Varieties of Ankle Boots

Initially, ankle boots were specifically designed to be worn under the trousers but in the modern times, it has been found that the runaway models sport them with skirts and dresses. This is the reason why women throughout the world have started wearing ankle boots with different outfits. Ankle boots at Spartoo can be chosen according to activity, material and style. There are different types of boots available in these three categories.

Combat and Chelsea Boots

These are boots that women can choose as per activity. The combat boots are basically lace up boots which are generally used by soldiers. These are used during combat training and they are specifically designed to be used in rugged area. They offer the perfect blend of stability and protection. These boots have recently taken up a trendy and fashionable form. These boots also offer great durability and comfort. The Chelsea boots are typical boots meant to be worn by women. The boots are tight-fitting and high and feature a completely plain toe. These are perfect winter boots as they help in keeping the feet warm. These boots are also very stylish and offer a snug fit.

Leather and Suede Ankle Boots

If you need to choose boots by material then there are leather and suede Ankle boots at Spartoo. Ankle boots are specifically made using Gore-Tex leather which makes the boots weather and water proof. Boots made out of this leather are highly durable as well. The suede ankle boots are perfect for women looking to add a kind of finishing touch to the different outfits that they wear. Suede is a very soft material that makes the ankle boots very popular.

Wedge and Pointy Ankle Boots

When it comes to choosing ankle boots by style then there are variable choices available. There are the wedge and the pointy ankle boots that look very stylish. The wedge ankle boots feature wedge-shaped sole which serves as a sole and also as a heel. On the other hand, the pointy ankle boots feature stacked heel and pointed toe. These boots look stylish and eye-catching when they are slightly tapered and highly polished.

The online platform is one of the best mediums of getting hold of stylish and durable ankle boots that can add a class and a style to a man’s or a woman’s outfit.

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