The fashion industry has grown tremendously over the past 100 years. How we look is becoming increasingly important for both men and women. One of the key areas to consider is skin tone and getting a perfect tan. Tanning technologies have also changed a lot from the traditional method of going outside. Instead of having to wait for the sun, you can try some of the modern ways.

Modern Tanning

Indoor tanning and tanning creams have become very popular. They provide users with an easy-to-use method of getting a tan quickly. Depending on the result required, customers can use the different methods in combination to ensure a long-lasting tan.

Tanning beds are one of the most well-known methods of artificial tanning. This method replicates nature with high-intensity lighting. Not everyone has the money or money to pay for hours of tanning sessions, especially when the results are not very long lasting, and buying a sunbed costs a fortune.

Bronzing creams are another way to get a solid tan in no time. These creams use different compounds which react with the pigments in your skin, leaving you with a bronze tan. These bronzers are popular because they work well with other tanning methods, both natural or artificial. They aren’t cheap, but the cost saving from using a bronzer in-between other methods is significant.

eXtreme Tan Bronzers

A popular brand of bronzer is eXtreme tan which is available from a wide selection of retailers and some even come with an eXtreme TAN products delivery service. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the effects of this quality bronzer.

There are multiple products to choose from and the company caters for both men and women, with products matching the beauty/skin requirements of both genders. The key ingredients are similar in all products, but the extras provide a wide array of effects, including reduced tattoo fading from long sunbed sessions, skin nourishment, and various fragrances.

Depending on the customer’s skin type and tanning goals, eXtreme tan’s various products will provide a solution. They have two sizes as well, 150ml and 15ml, allowing customers to try out the product before larger commitments. It is a perfect tanning solution as well as a good gift for any tanning enthusiasts. There are also some newer products that include health products such as cannabis oil extracts, guarana, and ginseng, which provide improved nourishment and smoothness to the skin. The fragrances are also a welcomed addition as they allow the product to be used as a replacement to regular perfumes for more social interactions.

Extreme Tan bronzers active ingredient is Tyrosine which is used by most bronzers on the market. This is the ingredient that reacts to ensure more melanin production under the skin. This then translates to a bronze glow that stays for days after use. With this product there is no need for excessively long hours in the sun or in a tanning salon, ens

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