When there is a management or executive level position open at your company, it can take several months to find the best qualified candidate to fill the vacancy. Since the process of finding and hiring candidates can take a long time, it can be costly for your company and prevent human resources staff from concentrating on other aspects of their job. However, if you work with an executive search firm, the length of the search can be shortened and they can provide your company with the following benefits.

Better Candidates

When openings are advertised at a company, resumes from both qualified and unqualified candidates will be received. It will take time sorting through the resumes to find people who have the experience and qualifications you’re seeking. However, when you receive recommendations from an executive search firm, they are all well-qualified candidates as the firm has a database of people they can choose from who have experience in a variety of industries.

Recruiters will have candidates in their database who may not be looking for a new position, but who would be a perfect fit for your company. They can help market the open opportunity to these candidates and find the ones willing to consider leaving their current position for you to interview. By pre-qualifying candidates for the opening, the process of finding the best candidate for an opening will be more efficient.

Preserves Confidentiality

By working with a firm doing executive search in the UK, you can keep any openings at your company private to prevent being inundated with resumes. The recruiter you work with can research and send qualified candidates to you for interviews so only a few people know about the opportunity. Doing this will be less time consuming and costly for your company, plus the recruiter can find candidates with the qualifications and experience to fit the opening you have.

Confidentiality may also be important if the position is currently filled and the employee doesn’t know they are being promoted or let go. By keeping the opening private, the right candidate can be vetted and ready to step in as soon as the position is vacated. With only the recruiter aware of the changes being made, problems can be prevented at your company.

Paid for Success

Executive search firms work on a contingency basis, so you don’t pay for their services until they find a candidate to fill the open position. Working with a recruiter is less expensive and time consuming than having your human resources staff advertise and search for candidates. Since they are not paid until the position is filled, recruiters are more motivated to help your company find the best fit for the opening at your company.

Advertising open positions makes sense if you are hiring for entry level positions. However, if your company has an executive or upper level management position open, using an executive search firm will help find the best qualified candidate for the opening in less time, which is more cost efficient for the company.

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