Zero Harm Training excels in providing training to ensure safe working conditions and safeguarding the precious lives of the workforces. It includes a wide array of health, safety and environmental courses. It takes pride in demonstrating the safety prerequisites that must be implemented in workstations.  The complete cast and crew of the Zero Harm reflect competency and skillfulness while training the people. Pursuing the zero harm training will perk up the business profits and add laurels to the reputation of your firm.

Zero Harm Training offers a number of training course such as SSSTS, IOSH recommended courses and SMSTS. All the training programs are delivered in all parts UK with an unrivalled performance and customer experience. Most of the courses have a practical demonstration of all the particulars.

Here are some of the benefits of undertaking the Zero Harm Training Course:

  •         Well trained professional who train the workforces
  •         One Solution to all the health and safety needs of an organisation
  •         You can pick the course of your choice at the preferred location and time
  •         Personalised training programmes according to the need of the client

Have a look at the main courses that are offered at the Zero Harm:

CITB Health and Safety: This course is aimed for aspirants who want to deal with the risks. They are taught how to identify the potential of the risk and then follow the safety standards. The course material such as audio-video aids and notes are provided to the contestants for future reference. Five steps to Risk Assessment and the Health and Safety Executive Publication are some of the introductory lessons of the course.  You will get a complete understanding of the risk detection and the methods to have a control on the situation. Assessing the risk and carrying out the effective course of action is an important perspective of the CITB course.

SMSTS: The Site Management Safety Training Scheme delivers all the safety instructions that must be observed at workplaces. This course is intended for all the superior positions of the organisation such as managers, supervisors and surveyors. You will learn how to take the remedial action in case of crisis at the construction, engineering and mining sites. Attending the workshops you will learn to detail injuries and diseases, operate the equipment and fire safety. The applicants are granted with a certificate of excellence on the successful completion of the SMSTS Course.

SSSTS Course: The Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme aims to educate the supervisors about the need of switching to a safe and healthier working environment. It is mandatory to know about the health and safety rules and thereby implementing them. Maintaining safety at the construction sites, risk assessment and coping with hazards are the prime concerns of the course.

Confined Spaces course, Driver training, and the Working at heights course are some of the other courses that help you to gain expertise at the task.

Pick the course for zero harm training and venue of your location and master on the safety skills. Life is precious; don’t risk it at the sake of minor negligence.

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