A rat infestation can cause all sorts of unsavory problems: they can leave droppings around, can spread disease, can chew through cables (even concrete) and can give visitors to your home with a nasty fright. Thankfully, there are myriad ways to remove a rat infestation.

First of all there are several signs that will point towards a rat infestation, you might notice the small black droppings (themselves a bearer of disease,) you may hear scrabbling in the walls at night or you might notice holes in various parts of your property.

If you spot these signs then you might need to take immediate action:

The most effective ways to remove a rat infestation are lethal. Lethal pest control measures include rat poison and rat glue traps. These kinds of measures might at first glance appear cruel but they are by far and away the most effective ways to stem the proliferation of rats.

There are, however, several more humane ways of removing a rat infestation. For example, you might use a sonic repellent, which emits an annoying noise (audible only by rats,) or you might trap and release rats. These kinds of humane traps can work, but are often most effective when used in tandem with lethal methods.

The internet can be a great resource not only for sourcing various pest control products but also for reading more tips about how to reduce and remove pest infestations.

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