No building is complete without suitable rainwater systems, particularly in countries with wet climates such as the UK.

Indeed, these systems may be especially important now. Britain has seen plenty of rain over recent months and years, with flooding affecting many parts of the country.

Recently, scientists and meteorologists gathered at the Met Office headquarters in Exeter to debate the unusual weather that has been affecting the nation. After brainstorming for a day, the specialists warned that the UK could be in the middle of a ten to 20-year cycle of wet summers.

The last six of seven summers have seen above average rainfall and below-average temperatures and sunshine.

Stephen Belcher, head of the Met Office Hadley Centre and professor of meteorology at the University of Reading, noted that while the finding was not an official long-term forecast, the experts did conclude that the chances of wet summers in coming years are now higher than they first thought.

He added: “We have seen similar patterns before – in the 1950s and the 1880s – and we have hints that we are coming towards the end of this current cycle. However, it might continue for the next five to ten years. There is a higher probability of wet summers continuing. But it’s very early days in trying to understand why this is happening.”

Luckily, it’s now simple for individuals and companies to access top-quality and effective rainwater guttering that can help to ensure buildings are able to cope with high levels of rainfall.