Because of a particularly hostile property market many of us are finding that we are condemned to live in ever smaller spaces. With a little less space to play with, home-owners have to be creative with how they design interiors. Here are some tips for making the most of space in smaller abodes:

Certain kinds of surfaces will help to create the illusion of space. For example, light coloured solid wood flooring can add a freshness to interiors that makes them appear roomier and more accommodating. If you’re considering investing in wooden floors, look for wood floors London online.

Furniture can help to define a space. In a smaller space obviously the less is more approach may be more sensible. Also, the positioning of furniture matters and you should ensure furniture is kept well away from walkways, thereby opening smaller rooms up.

Lighting can make an immense difference. Think about what light fittings will benefit your interiors and just as importantly think about letting light into the room, through windows and window treatments.

Using mirrors is another very simple way to create the illusion of space in the home. Mirrors can both play with the light and create the illusion that rooms go on further than they do. Mirrors make a great addition to both modern and traditional interiors and are very decorative.