There is indeed a lot of positives associated with a day care center for children from infant to an advanced stage is taken care of. When you choose a day care center near me, the child is retained at the same location, till they are ready for school. Normally children are grouped by age and segregated into various rooms, the teachers at the center are taught to minimize transition issues when kids move from one room to another. The experience along with a mix of activities which a day center provides separates it from the rest of the crowd. Many teachers of these centers are skilled in arts or music who can then go on to impart these skills to the future generation.

In the room, there were will be structured toys and activities for kids at each level, where each day there will be a structured curriculum and the child will be able to incorporate it in a structured setting. Kids from various cultural and social backgrounds are present, which helps the kids to, learn diversity in culture from a young age. The ratio of student to teacher ratio is 10 to 1 and normally multiple staff members are provided to each center. There are several advantages of this. Say if a teacher is ill, there is a replacement staff to take care of the activities.

The biggest advantage of a day care center is the safety angle it presents. In the fast-paced world of today coupled with a vibrant economy, both the parents are forced to work so that both ends meet. Day care centers for children take care of the safety aspect and provides you complete peace of mind. As the staff in these day centers is provided training and a background checking is done, there is less chance of any harm for a kid at a physical or an emotional level.

But having said this, all is not a bed of roses, as far as day care centers are concerned because of there are some pitfalls as well. The presence of a large number of children can contribute to the social development of a child such as sharing, but the large environment may also work out to be harmful if the kid is not receiving a one on one with a teacher. Sometimes teachers are responsible for the upkeep of many kids in a room and may not be able to give the required attention. Another loophole with a day care center is that the structure of it can be so rigid, that it becomes quite difficult to focus on the specialized needs of a student. For example, a day care center may have a set time for a nap whereas as a parent you might set some other time. The cost of enrolling your kid in a day care needs to be given due weight age as well.

Another aspect to be aware is that when there are a large number of children and kids, in a day care center the exposure to germs and bacteria for both the kids and the parents are on the higher side. No matter whatever precaution measure you take when there are a group of children together, nothing can be done to stop it in the first place.



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