Although protests and marches are becoming more commonplace, they tend to be over policy changes or foreign aid, rather than tolls on public roads.

However, with plans to introduce tolls to the A14, campaign groups have begun to target what they call a blackmail attempt.

The reason for this is that the A14 is classed as a vital freight road, and introducing tolls on it would mean that many freight companies.

The road which is based in East Anglia is the centre of a proposal from the Department of Transport who intend to launch tolls on the part of the Huntingdon Southern Bypass. Their efforts, and the plans have drawn derision from the Road Haulage Association (the RHA) who have described the proposals as “an attack on the economy in East Anglia” and as such they have introduced a variety of campaign materials which they hope will be displayed by a wide number of haulage firms and individual drivers in an effort to publicise the matter.

In addition, there are also a number of online petitions which interested parties can put their name to and plans to introduce protesting at the actual votes when they take place.

They have pointed out a number of issues which they feel the project would cause, which include putting hauliers in the East Anglia and Suffolk areas at a disadvantage, damage local business who rely on those haulage firms and undermine the role that local ports play in the areas economy.

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