Buying appliances for our homes isn’t the most entertaining of activities, especially when it comes down to picking up a new vacuum cleaner. When you find a machine you’re content with that you’ve gotten used to using on regular basis, it can leave you mourning for a time where it ran at full capacity without worry for any odd noises or broken parts. When your vacuum starts to break down, sourcing the best vacuum repair services London has to offer might seem like the best option, but could it be time for a new vacuum cleaner? We’re debating exactly that, below.

Common Issues

Common issues tend to be the easiest to repair and in these cases, it could even be at a much lower cost than a brand new vacuum. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Broken Leads And Plugs

A broken lead or plug is a surprisingly common issue when it comes to vacuum cleaners but it’s also one of the most easily repairable ones with the lowest costs. When vacuuming, we can often get ahead of ourselves or the wires can get tangled up which leads to loose connections and more. In some cases, the fuse in the plug might even blow. Repairing at home or sending off for a fix will depend on the severity of the issue and your personal experience, but it’s definitely a simple repair that doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money on a new machine.

  • A Blocked Machine

Split bags and blocked filters are another common issues, often as a result of insufficient care for a vacuum but it’s also one of the easiest issues to fix. Providing it hasn’t caused further damage, a blocked machine just needs to be cleaned out and in some cases, you can do this yourself.

  • A Worn Motor

Replacing a worn-down motor is a little more expensive but, depending on the model of your current vacuum, could still prove cheaper than a full replacement. If you have an older model, it may be worth considering a replacement but it could save you a lot of money by checking this first.

Things To Consider:

Before you rush into a decision as to whether you should repair or replace your vacuum cleaner, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Extent Of The Damage – How bad is the damage? Could it be quickly or easily repaired without any specialist equipment or a hefty price tag? If not, it might be time for a new vacuum.
  • The Cost Consider the cost of a repair and a new vacuum before you decide. Depending on the repair, it may be a cheaper alternative to purchasing a brand new machine but this could depend on whether it’s a recurring issue or a one-time fix.
  • Original Value What was the original value of the machine? If it was a cheaper vacuum, you could end up paying more for a repair than you did in the first place. In these cases, an upgrade may be in order.
  • Is It An Ongoing Issue? If this is a recurring problem, it may be time to wave goodbye and invest in a brand new vacuum cleaner. Ongoing issues can lead to a mountain of costs which will ultimately surpass the amount needed for a new machine.
  • Do You Like The Vacuum? If your heart is set on keeping your machine, regardless of the reason, then you ultimately need to make the decision as to whether it’s repairable, whether the cost of repair is worth it and how much you’re willing to pay out over time for continued repair.

Deciding between a repair or a replacement ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you have a vacuum you love and it needs a replacement plug, this is guaranteed to be a cheaper, more efficient alternative than picking up a brand new vacuum. If you’ve had the machine for years and it has a recurring issue, however, it may be worth investing in a brand new model. Whatever you choose, it’s best to make this decision based on your personal preferences to ensure you, your home and your bank account remain content.

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